Eyelash Extension Aftercare: Mastering Beauty

With eyelash extensions, many Singaporeans now include them in their beauty regimens as a way to get gorgeous, thicker lashes. However, proper aftercare is essential to preserving the allure of these extensions. To guarantee that your eyelash extensions last longer and remain in ideal condition, become familiar with the dos and don’ts.


Gentle Cleansing:

Cleaning is essential to keep eyelash extensions in good condition. Use a mild cleanser that doesn’t contain oil to remove makeup and cleanse the eye area. The cleanser can be applied more evenly by using a lash brush without harming the extensions. When cleaning, take great care to keep the lash line clear of debris.

Regular Brushing:

Purchase a spoolie brush and develop the daily habit of brushing your eyelash extensions. This habit keeps the lashes pointed in the desired direction and avoids tangling. As you comb through the tips, guarantee that each lash stays separate by starting at the base.

Use Oil-Free Products:

Choose skincare and makeup products without oil, particularly for the area around your eyes. The adhesive used in eyelash extensions can be broken down by oil-based products, which could cause early fallout. Make sure the products are compatible with lash extensions by reading the labels.

Protect During Sleep:

Eyelash extensions may put your sleep at risk. Use a silk or satin pillowcase to lessen friction and keep your face from pressing into the pillow. Furthermore, utilise a sleep mask to shield the extensions at night.

Mindful Showering:

Steer clear of getting direct shower pressure on your face. Use a soft towel to gently pat the area around the eyes dry; do not rub or tug on the extensions. The adhesive may become weakened by excessive moisture, so exercise caution when doing your post-shower routine.


Avoid Waterproof Mascara:

It’s well known that waterproof mascara is difficult to remove and frequently needs to be cleaned with oil-based cleaners. It’s best to avoid using waterproof mascara altogether because oil can damage the adhesive used even in the best of eyelash extensions. If necessary, use water-based or extension-safe mascaras.

Say No to Oil-Based Cleansers:

Although they work well to remove makeup that is difficult to remove, oil-based cleansers can damage the adhesive bond of eyelash extensions. To prolong the life of your extensions, use cleaners without oil.

Resist the Urge to Pick or Pull:

Touching or tugging at loose extensions can be very alluring. But doing so can harm lashes, both natural and extensions. Avoid the temptation to remove a loose lash by calling your lash technician for a professional touch-up if you see one.

Limit Heat Exposure:

Heat sources such as hair dryers and saunas can cause the adhesive bond to deteriorate. To preserve the integrity of your eyelash extensions, limit your exposure to high temperatures. Make sure the hairdryer is in a cool setting if you’re using one to avoid any possible damage.

Avoid DIY Removal:

There may be unintentional harm when removing eyelash extensions at home. If you want to take them out, speak with your lash technician about a secure and appropriate removal method. If you try to do it yourself, you might end up losing your natural lashes.


Maintaining your eyelash extensions’ durability and aesthetic appeal in Singapore requires a few easy but vital aftercare procedures. You can make the most of your eyelash extensions and guarantee they continue to be a gorgeous addition to your natural beauty by adhering to these dos and don’ts.

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